For HUBweek 2018, Jaywalk teamed up with Goethe-Institut Boston to realize an exhibit to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus. To showcase the diverse influence the great school had on German culture, we designed three distinct containers for the event; Bauhaus Salon, German Video Games, and Virtual Bauhaus. The Bauhaus Salon featured classic furniture pieces from some of the legendary designers that started the school. It also displayed a historical film that depicted the birth of the Bauhaus movement. German Video Games housed 5 independent game developers and their newest projects. Finally, the Virtual Bauhaus container invited HUBweek attendees to experience the original Bauhaus School through VR Headsets. They were able to walk around the interior of the building and interact with certain objects to learn more information about Bauhaus.

100 Faceplate Pattern-01.jpg
Hubweek Night Time.JPG