Boston-based design firm - Est. 2014

Jaywalk specializes in research, product design, and fabrication. The company was formed during the summer of 2014. The focus of the studio is a mixture of self-initiated projects and client services. Jaywalk is located just outside of Boston, MA. Thank you for taking the time to review our work - Haik & Steve


Haik is a craftsman at heart who seeks new challenges where his skills can be utilized to achieve a desired outcome. He is constantly examining his practice and striving for perfection with specific focus on process and detail. This introspective exercise allows Haik to solve problems of varying intensity with consistent improvement. Moreover, it allows the multiple facets of his design and craft experience to advance in unison.

At the early age of 14, Haik began an apprenticeship with his father at their family-owned antique restoration and framing shop that lasted many years. Over the past two decades Haik has worked extensively within the disciplines of fine art, design, and fabrication. This diverse approach has allowed him to realize projects that range from home furnishings to custom automobiles. Through this multitude of experiences, Haik has also developed a vast knowledge of materials, processes, and fabrication techniques.

Haik earned his degree in industrial design from Wentworth Institute of Technology in 2012. As part of the curriculum, he worked as an intern at Hasbro. During his two semesters there, Haik was part of the 'Star Wars' design team. He facilitated the making of 3D models and other design materials to aid in the development strategies within his group. After graduating, Haik went on to work at a design firm in Boston where he served as the product design manager for two years.



Steve is a designer and an educator with a passion for product development fueled by his problem solving abilities. To aid in these pursuits, Steve is constantly immersed in material exploration and process-based research. Furniture objects have been of special interest to Steve throughout his career. He has always been intrigued by the way these items can transcend the label of a mere 'purchased good'.

"If a piece of furniture is designed well and crafted with care, it becomes an extension of one's existence; it becomes a part of their family."

Steve recently earned his MFA at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design where he fostered his practice alongside his love of teaching. He is currently an adjunct professor in the industrial design department at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston.

Fun Fact: Steve's professional direction was cemented many years ago while spending countless hours constructing things with his immense Lego collection. None of his early designs have been published, however he still plays with his beloved bricks from time to time.