Explorasaurus Exhibit @ BCM

Autodesk is committed to educating people of all ages about the wonders of digital fabrication. They aligned with Boston Children's Museum as a sponsor of the Explor●a●saurus exhibit with a strategy to showcase the Autodesk mission in a new context. Jaywalk joined this collaboration with a plan to design large format dinosaur sculptures using Autodesk software and laser cutting as a fabrication method. We developed a strategy to populate the lobby of BCM with this work to spark interest and joy from the visitors. Jaywalk designed a ten foot Stegosaurus and a fleet of flying Pterodactyls to hang in the open space of the entrance to the museum. All this work was captured and edited by Neoscape. They produced a short film to accompany Jaywalk's work that highlights the STEAM elements of the project for the kids.