HUBweek 2017

HUBweek 2017 brought together over 180 of Boston's most innovative organizations at City Hall Plaza for a celebration centered around the intersections of art, technology, and science. Ginkgo Bioworks was among the organizations who participated in this years event. Ginkgo saw HUBweek as a perfect opportunity to showcase the work of Natsai Chieza, a designer who is examining the role of biology in the process of systematically dyeing textiles. Jaywalk joined this collaborative effort and led the design and build out of the gallery space for HUBweek. Our space was a 20' shipping container that offered many constraints; the largest being a lack of infrastructure to display work. We designed inserts that fit within the corrugations of the container and anchored them using magnets. This allowed us to frame Natsai's work using bent copper rod and floating supports for her textiles. Jaywalk also designed the lighting for the container and the projection system that showed microscopic images of the biological magic that makes Natsai's work so special.