The Boston Society of Architects (BSA) established a committee called MakeTank (MT) to provide an informative exhibit for Architecture Boston Expo 2016 (ABX). Jaywalk was asked to join MT to assist in the development and fabrication of this special pavilion. The collective designed a pavilion that not only showcases digital fabrication, but also serves to educate visitors about current construction methods. The highlight of the project for Jaywalk was in the development of the red-colored, flexible joinery system that connects the plywood staves. The whole structure is assembled flat on the ground and then lifted into key positions on the base of the pavilion. When in position, visitors are encouraged to 'jiggle' the pavilion which spurs about wonder and joy as most architectural systems are designed not to move. The design was showcased in the BSA space at ABX last year and will be exhibited in other venues in 2017. The MakeTank team includes architects and designers from Sasaki, Shepley Bulfinch, Skanska, SMMA, and Studio NYL. We are excited to continue our work with MT and see what develops for ABX2017!