The Uni Project Bench

In 2011, a non-profit initiative was launched in New York City called The Uni Project. Their goal was to bring members of the community together by introducing pop-up library sites that encourage people to meet, read, play, and learn. Today, these sites have become very common amongst the vast landscape of NYC, and their benefits are now being utilized by clients across the world. Jaywalk has been commissioned to take over fabrication and design modifications of The Uni Project plastic benches. The benches were originally designed by Howeler & Yoon. They are comprised of two identical pieces of polypropylene plastic that are laser cut into a very specific pattern. The stock is then bent and bound together with binding post hardware. A bench is completed by the application of vinyl graphics and logos. Jaywalk has updated the design by adjusting the frequency and size of the perforations where the bench pieces fold. Now, the benches are stronger, they take less time to make, and the perforations align better when two bench halves meet to make one unit.